Attract a delegation of global thought leaders with a focus on women and people of colour.

Curate an exceptional conference and events programme featuring recognisable industry professionals and engaging talents.

Create a forum on the status of diverse communities in the US, UK, Europe, Africa and Asia in general as well as in light of current nationalist and populist movements in the west

Provide a unique platform on which to engage in a meaningful conversation

On global growth opportunities through education & presentation



The London Conversations Leadership



Inta Brige


Kymberlie Andrew FRSA

Chair Advisory Board:

Walter H. White, Jr

Vice Chairs:

Oliver St Clair Franklin OBE, Edward W. Gray Jr, Yvonne Thompson CBE, Ambassador Bradley P. Holmes

Advisory Board:

Lord Michael Hastings, Karen McHugh, Ian Greenstreet, Janet Thomas,

Thomas B. Shropshire Jr, Sophie Chandauka, Michael Eboda, Melanie Eusebe, Trevor Williams, Avis Charles

Event Management

Quintessentially Group – Justine Williamson